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Let Us Help You Keep Your Generator Maintained for Peace of Mind
Once your new
Automatic Standby Generator
is installed, you will have peace of mind that you will never be inconvenienced by a power outage again. In order to ensure safe and reliable operation, general maintenance will need to be performed. After 6 months or 8 hours of use, the first scheduled maintenance should be completed. This is the most important one. We go over the entire mechanical and electrical portion of the generator to make sure everything during the break in period is working the way it should. We change the oil and oil filter, check and gap the spark plugs, check all functions of the generator, and test to ensure it works properly.
Maintenance Schedule for Generac Generators
Check engine oil and adjust as necessary
Check gas delivery system; tighten connections
Check air inlets and outlets for debris and clean as needed
Check battery electrolyte levels
 SkyWay Electric Annual Maintenance
Check battery terminals for corrosion and clean
Check all battery and charger terminals for loose connections
Check unit wiring for loose connections and correct as needed
Check engine accessory drive belts for wear and replace as needed (Parts not included)
Visually inspect unit for leaks, wear, or damage; correct as needed
Check transfer switch safety devices
Change engine oil
Replace air filter
Replace spark plugs
Perform 5 minute no load test
Perform outage simulation test
From that point on, Generac states that you may go up to two years before you need service again, depending on the amount it is used. SkyWay Electrical Services recommends annual service to ensure that it will function when needed. We recommend changing out the battery after three years.
Return unit to standby set up for operation